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Jacob Anderson 

Director of Renewable Energy Projects

Jacob's Background

Jacob earned a BA in Biology from Augustana College and a MS in Animal and Rangeland Science from Montana State University. He spent several years as an ecological consultant in the western United States where he inventoried landscapes and drafted management and restoration plans for state, federal, and private lands. His previous work experience has entailed native seed production, wildland firefighting, consulting, and restoration.


Jacob is one of the founding members of Natural Resource Services and enjoys his position as Director of Renewable Energy Installations. In this role, Jacob oversees the installation of all solar projects, consults with clients and assists with sales.


While not working on solar projects, Jacob enjoys spending time with his wife and son. Most of his vacation time is used for traveling back to his family's farm in South Dakota, where he enjoys working on improving pheasant hunting land and his antique tractor collection.


Contact Jacob

‭(605) 321-9138‬

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