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Ecological Restoration

There are countless reasons to embark on an ecological restoration project. Habitat creation, cost savings, aesthetics, soil health, and erosion control are just a few.  Regardless of your reasons, NRS looks forward to being your guide in this rewarding process.

What we provide

  • Site assessment, design and planning

  • Seed mix design and procurement

  • Site preparation including herbicide applications and soil tillage

  • Native seed installation

  • Planting of herbaceous plants (plugs), live stakes, trees and shrubs

  • Erosion control BMPs including mulching and erosion blanket installation

Maine biolog4 (1).jpg

Buffer Stabilization

Restoring shoreline areas typically requires erosion control measures to stabilize the site until the vegetation is established

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Corporate Native Landscape

A properly prepared seedbed is essential to good seed to soil contact and successful germination of native species

Grider buffer right after planting.jpg

Shoreline Restoration

Following seeding and erosion control, restorations are often enhanced by planting a diverse mix of native grasses, sedges and wildflowers


Residential Prairie Restoration

After careful planning and requisite patience, there is nothing more rewarding than enjoying your restored landscape

NRS provides ecological restoration services across multiple plant community types including prairies, wetlands, riparian areas and woodlands. 

For more information on our scope of services and to learn how we can assist you on your next project, please contact us today.

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