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Agrivoltaics is defined as the “simultaneous use of land areas for solar production and agriculture,” and is a secondary goal on some solar sites behind energy production.  

NRS, along with its grazing and bee keeping partners, strategically implements agrivoltaics on many solar sites across the Upper Midwest.  These options include apiaries, sheep grazing, and haying/baling of vegetation. These practices are implemented as a part of an overall vegetation management plan and can be utilized on solar sites of varying vegetation types.

Agrivoltaics has also become an important part of the permitting process and in gaining public support as the land provides both energy and agricultural production.

What we provide

  • Vegetation management plans encompassing agrivoltaics

  • Ecologically based targeted grazing services customized to each site

  • Design of seed mixes to accommodate agrivoltaic practices  

  • Haying to reduce biomass and provide usable bales for ag purposes

  • Apiaries to provide pollinator benefits to onsite vegetation and adjacent crops

  • Permitting support as it relates to intended agrivoltaic practices

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Trusted partners

NRS is proud to partner with Cannon Valley Graziers on our projects.  

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Baling solar vegetation helps to reduce biomass buildup while creating a viable product for agricultural use


Sheep Grazing

Sheep are adept at grazing solar site vegetation without damaging infrastructure or negatively impacting the landscape



Apiaries on solar sites planted with pollinators make perfect sense.  'Solar Honey' tastes delicious!

Within the Midwest, we provide boots on the ground services for solar vegetation installation and management.  On a national scale, we collaborate with trusted local partners to ensure projects are completed successfully and on time.  NRS carries the burden of ensuring that your site's vegetation needs are met from initial design to long term management.

We are happy to assist your firm on all aspects of solar vegetation design, installation and management.

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