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Land Management

Caring for your property is a big responsibility and can often seem overwhelming.  Whether you need to nurture a young restoration project or control invasive species on a mature CRP planting, we can help.  At NRS, we utilize decades of experience to create and implement an integrated plan to assist you with your specific land management needs.

What we provide

  • Site assessment and planning

  • Establishment mowings to control annual weeds

  • Spot herbicide applications to control perennial invasive species

  • Prescribed burning services

  • Interseeding of existing native landscapes

  • Wetland assessments and monitoring


Prescribed burning

Prescribed burning is an essential tool when managing native landscapes.  The burn will reduce biomass and lead to more robust growth in the ensuing growing season


Spot mowing

Spot mowing helps to control pockets of undesirable vegetation within the developing landscape

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Integrated plant management

IPM is a suite of techniques utilized to control weeds and promote growth of native species in restored landscapes


Site mowing

Mowing is implemented to prevent annual weeds from going to seed and shading the emerging native seedlings in young restoration projects


Check out this great blog authored by Barbara Heitkamp regarding a prescribed burn NRS recently completed for the Inspiration Conservation Development in Bayport, MN. 


Barbara is a water resources educator for the East Metro Water Resource Education Program and Lower St. Croix Watershed Partnership.

From upland prairies to wetland mitigation projects, we can help you achieve your land management goals.

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