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Who We are

The team at NRS has dedicated their professional careers to protecting, restoring, and enhancing our precious natural resources. We know that healthy, stable native plant communities are essential for a sustainable future.  

Our Vision for a Greener World

It's amazing how far we have come as an industry.  Fifty years ago the concept of ecological restoration was foreign to most. Having your own native landscape was unheard of. Since then millions of acres have been restored by qualified professionals and do-it yourselfers alike.  Countless backyards, commercial properties, city parks, and solar farms are now providing valuable habitat that supports pollinators, filters stormwater, controls erosion and sequesters carbon. There is a keen awareness that our long term survival is contingent upon the actions we take today.  It is imperative that humanity works together towards the goal of healing our planet.  It's amazing how far we have come, and how much there is still yet to do.

Our Experience

A tight-knit team with deep roots in the industry

We are privileged to have a team with deep roots in the restoration industry.


We take great pride in the work we have accomplished and the techniques we have developed across 3 decades in the industry. The group we have assembled brings with them tremendous skill, expertise and knowledge in every aspect of restoration and land management.

With over a century of combined experience, we are certain to deliver success to your next project. 

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