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Solar Vegetation

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Solar developers who use native, pollinator friendly vegetation benefit us all. Communities, permitting organizations, governing boards and area neighbors are positively influenced by the use of native vegetation within solar arrays. Our experience includes thousands of acres of solar, from 1 MW arrays to utility scale sites. 

We provide: 

•    Initial vegetation design and planning including custom seed mixes for each site
•    Education and information about your project at public meetings and permitting hearings 
•    Temporary seeding and erosion control during site construction 
•    Permanent seeding for community solar garden and utility scale sites
•    Landscape screening needs when required by permitting
•    Site assessment and Vegetation Management Plan writing
•    Long term economical vegetation management 

Within the Upper Midwest, we provide boots on the ground services for vegetation installation and management.  On a national scale, we provide design and project management services utilizing our network of trusted vegetation contractors. We can carry the burden of ensuring 

that your site's vegetation needs are met from initial design to long term management.

We are happy to assist your firm on all aspects of solar vegetation design, installation and management.

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